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Teams for Round 3

1sts: Junction Oval @ 9.45am

Rummans (c), Cooper, Manning, Chasemore, Macguiness, Russell, J.Muirhead, Morris, Graf, Baxter, Mueller. 


2nds: Windy Hill @ 9.45am

T. Gilbert (c), Jar.Maxwell, Chamberlain, Varadarajan, Holmes, Davies, Munday, J.Gilbert, Barnett, Bartlett, Jowett.


3rds to be @ Binnack Park Watsonia North @ 10.45am

Zayler (c), Drummond, Edmunds O'Toole, Bychkov, D.Meddings, M.Powell, Hall, Tyquin, B.Muirhead, J.Bailey, Gribben.

4ths to be @ Ross Gregory @ 10.45am

S.Powell (c), Clifford, Parker, MacSweyn, Fanning, Jam.Maxwell, H.Thompson, Cowie, N.Bailey, Haris, Tocher, Jones.


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Please note that the Cricket Victoria Wet Weather Hotline has been decommissioned. Please check Cricket Victoria & Premier Cricket Social Media when the weather is not looking good leading up to the days play.


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