Round 16 teams v Geelong
Date of Event : Thu Feb 9, 2017 9:16PM
Jack Cunnington cover drives

St Kilda Cricket Club will take on Geelong this round in what is an extremely important four games of each individual team and for the club. 

1st XI
Quiney ©, Manning, Holmes, Egan, Davies, Merlo, Bartlett, Baxter, Beer, Munday, Hall

2nd XI
Zayler ©, Gilbert, D.Meddings, O’Toole, Varadarajan, Forbes, Cunnington, O’Brien, Jowett, Michelmore, SPowell

3rd XI
Colyer ©, M.Powell, Cooper, Bychkov, McSweyn, Taylor, Faulkner, L.Meddings, Ross, Sloan, Stevenson, Bailey

4th XI
Gribben ©, Horsnell, Gardiner, Murphy, Summers, Wiseman, Hennig, West, J.Forbes, Noske, Laubscher

Last updated: Thursday February 9, 2017 9:34PM
Author: Tom Morris