Clock's emotional goodbye
Date of Event : Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:05PM
Tim 'Clock' Loughry

On Monday evening St Kilda Cricket Club bid farewell to a true hero... For now.


1st XI team manager Tim 'Clock' Loughry will return home to Adelaide to care for his elderly mother. When and if he comes back is not clear. But what is obvious is the mark 'Bruv' has left on the Saints. 


Much-loved and highly respected, Clock has been a key member of the club for more than 25 years. Until we see you again Clock, good luck and go well.


This is the transcript of the emotional speech he gave at Monday evening's AGM:


 There is a saying you hear quite often around sporting clubs a lot and that is family is everything. It's true. I've seen so much evidence of that within the mighty St Kilda cricket club.


The sadness in the eyes of Graffy and Murchy when they lost their mum and wife. TOS (Tim O’Sullivan) taking the 2000/01 cup to his ill father. He lost his dad soon after. After winning a flag, on the mad Monday we found out Michael Klinger lost his mum. Max had a great year that year and to know his mum was very crook showed me how strong his focus was.


Bobby Quiney kissing the foundation stone of the St Kilda cricket ground. After a Sheffield shield victory, a place where his dad Johnny would prop his cans of Jimmy and his form guide and watch his boy ply he's trade. Bobby's achievements still make me shake. 


As I get older, these times have been invaluable in my life lessons and for the last 28 years this club has been my life. This club has been my family.


My other family is in Adelaide and for the last three winters I've been going back and forth to West End land. The first winter was sad but rewarding and I got to spend the last couple of months with dad making him laugh then laying him to rest. 


The second winter I spent keeping mum company and dragging her around New South Wales, her original birthplace. In that time I made a commitment to her that I would come home and keep her company. I returned to Melbourne, got swept up by the buzz of you blokes and proceeded to have an ordinary managerial year. My mind was racing and my liver couldn't keep up.


I let the old girl down, and you can't do that when they are 86.


I've got to do a runner. For how long, who knows? I need to find this out for myself. Being a no wife, no kids, knucklehead South Australian, I have to step up to the plate for mum’s sake. I'll be out of here in September.


And what are year I'm going to miss. Make no mistake, the redevelopment of our home absolutely reeks of the spirit of St Kilda. There must be provisions made for Geoff Tamblyn and Shaun Graf who I have no doubt made this truly possible. Bravo.


All the lucky dogs to wear the badge, they are about to indulge in a season of great history. Every player should make it his goal to play on our sacred turf. Every opposition that drops in are going to want to perform too. No mate, not on my turf!


It is burning in me that my movements are under Glen Lalor's watch. Glen Lalor shaped me. Glenn Lalor taught me life lessons. Glen Lalor rocked. Glen Lalor is a four-time premiership player.


I don't know what else to say. Win club championships, win premierships and get a game on the St Kilda Cricket Ground.



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